Dec 7th, 2013 Elaaiun, Western Sahara An Initial Report on the Peaceful Demonstration

The Gdiam Izik  Platform organized a mass demonstration on  December 7th, 2013, at Smara Blvd. in Elaaiun, Western Sahara.  This peaceful demonstration was started to express the refusal and the rejection of developments concerning  the fisheries as Moroccan authorities distorted the facts and twisted the truth to  be able to get the new fisheries protocol signed and voted for. This is an attempt to renew the signing of the Convention on the fisheries agreement between Morocco and the European Union  that was originally discontinued when the  cross- vote  at the level of the European Parliament where the majority voted against it  in 2011, and argued that was  illegal due to the fact that Morocco lacked the sovereignty over the waters of Western Sahara 

Moroccan occupation forces besieged the demonstration as the auxiliary forces and the different agents of police forces and be it uniformed or plainclothes  began the attack on the peaceful protesters and dispersed the demonstration , and thus marking another chapter of a long term episode of oppression reinforcing the widely known malpractices as a common practice where Morocco considers human rights violations in Western Sahara as taken-for-granted culture.  Accordingly,  dozens of victims and injured Saharawis fell on-site because of the shameful ill-treatment  perpetrated by the Moroccan Police forces  masterminds of torture using  batons, stones and intimidation . The forces of occupation even tried to run over some of the peaceful protestants.
Here is a preliminary list of fallen  injured victims and people with wounds made by our filed corespondent:
                                 Report made by: SCMC.
                                 Elaaiun, Western Sahara
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October 19th, A new bloody day in occupied Western Sahara


Bachri BenTaleb A victim of October 19th, 2013 Laayoune protests.


Laayoune city: In October 19th, 2013, Around 5 pm GMT: Pacific manifestations erupted in Maatala neighbourhood, Smara street, Skaikima street and in other different streets and districts but Morocco forces confronted it with a heavy crack down using trancheons, stones & other sharp tools.

1-Prelimanry victims:

Ghali Djimi
Brahim Dahan.
Salha Butenghiza
Fatma Dahwar
Hamudi Ellili.
Galia Djumani
Abdati Hamda.
Sukeina Baya.
Mahfuda Lefkir
Hasana Duihi.
Mariam Burhimi
Bechri Ben Taleb
Ali Saaduni
Emhamdi Deida.
Lehbib Babuzeid
Sidi Mohamed Dadach
Dafa Ahmed Babi
Mohamed Ali.

2-Houses raided:

The house of:
Ahmed Ould Aayad
Ahl Sid Brahim
Mohamed Fadel Lahbib
Mahmoud Lbambari
Ahl Lafjah
Mohamed Ould El Aatique
Ahl Abailil
In a phone call with El Mami Aamar Salem, member of CODESA, he said that the house of Ahl Massadi has been raided in a very barbaric way in spite of the presence of very old people in the mentioned house.

NB: Full report to be released later


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Report on Oct 10th events in occupied Laayoune Western Sahara

Photo: October 10th, 2013: The 14 years old kid, Husam Ajaf after being tortured (see video below)
Around 6 pm: Sahrawis lift up flags and march across various streets (Maatala neighbourhoos, Maghreb Arab street, Smara street, Daddach street, TanTan street)

Police attack the crowd, and stone people and houses ( ex:Ahl Akmach house) causing clashes against Sahrawis. List of victims:
Salhi Lahbib
Bamba Lafquir
Hammadi Lfoukhar
Sidi Mohamed Aayach Louali
Mohamed Lahbib Marzouk
Abdel Karim Mbairikat
Taqui Machdoufi
Ahmed Hmayad
Lakhfaouni Louali
Lambairikat Abdel Louadoud
Baousoula Mohamed Salem
Mohamed Boujlal
Ahmed Lahouaij
Hadhoum Lahmayad
Hadhoum Farik
Mahfouda Lafquir
Oum Saad Bouryal
Lakhlifa Lafquir

Later in the same evening, Police attacked a sit-in organised by highly-graded unemployed Sahrawis in Tantan Street: the beaten and injured are:
Mahmoud Khraibich
Hamdi Rahmouni
Mustapha Ballahi
Hdaya Dadda
Hassan Bari
Mohamed Lhassan El Barbouchi
Yarba Houda
Taleb Ahmed Zafati
Omar Ahl Yahia
Malainin Masek
Mohamed Baiba
Aziz Chammakh
Brahim Baya
Mustapha Taib
Mahmed Mouloud Daddah

See these videos;

Statement by some victims:

An Unemployed:

A child of 14 years old:

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Morocco quell on a peaceful protest during EP delegation visit to occupied Western Sahara

  Report on the Peaceful Protests crackdown by moroccan Forces in Elaiun on August 27th,2013

   Coinciding with the visit of the EU delegation to Western Sahara , which is headed by Assistant Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the European Union Mr. Jounathan Lis, the Saharawi population organized large demonstrations at the Semara boulevard at 6:30 pm  on August 27th,2013 calling for the stopping of the depletion and the plundering of the Saharawi natural resources. The mass denounced the conclusion of the new fisheries agreement protocol between the EU and Morocco, which includes the waters of the occupied Western Sahara. In the new protocol, there is no mentioning whatsoever of the situation of the Western Sahara nor the respect of the international law vis-a-vis the respect of the aspirations and the demands of the local Saharawi inhabitants.During the demonstration,People cried out loud for independence, and chanted pro-independence slogans calling for an independent state . Such slogans were like :”There is no alternative but self determination”, ” A Saharawi independent state is the only solution,” “Long live the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia El Hamra and Oro de Oro “,” O Saharawi! don’t get fed up, for independence is the only solution “.
 The Smara Boulevard witnessed a heavy long besieging reinforced by the different security forces including: the repressive  “the auxiliary forces” , the plain-cloth police agents , the uniformed police and many known torturers  like: (Nabil Aouni ) and ( Mohammad Alalgi ) ,the Pasha of Elaaiun city: ( Nashta Mohammed ) and ( Mustafa al-Husseini ) nicknamed ” the Moustahce” . These forces poured its anger on the peaceful Saharawi civilian demonstrators who were savagely beaten up and  kicked so badly with sticks, batons and stones , This resulted in the severe injury of dozens of Saharawivictims:
Leila Leili, Sidi Mohamed Dadash, Abdul Rahman Zeyou,Limam Sleima,  Habib Al-Salhi, Meryem Bourhimi, Lafqir Bemba , Nezha Khatatri,Mahfouda LAfqir, Yaya Sukeina,,Ghaliya Joumani,Braih Farrik,Albad Mahjoub, Heydoug Azerqi,Aid Alghardag,Rgaibano Lahwaiyj,Oum Lakhout Lafqir,Lhassan Ghardag, Haddhoum Farriq and Sallam Abra.
    The disperse of these peaceful demonstrators crowds by force is considered a real violations of the human rights and is a prevention of peaceful protest that is guaranteed by international law. All these violations happen in Elaaiun and all other parts of Western Sahara on a regular systematic and daily  basis. Saharawi cities are are all under siege and are by far militarized cities.
Saharawi Center for Media and Communication.
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Western Sahara: The peaceful revolution that, against all odds, pines to independence


Photo: Aminatou Haidar, the peaceful revolution pioneer in Western Sahara

May 17th; 2013   by:   Khalil Asmar

Again Amnesty International asks for an investigation into alleged torture of six detained Saharawis in Morocco occupied Western Sahara days after the UN released its resolution 2099 that called the parties to abide by international norms in dealing with human rights engagements.

Just before this UN annual resolution, serious tensions have erupted between Morocco and the US after this latter put on table a proposal calling for the United Nations Mission for a Referendum in Western Sahara known as “MINURSO” to monitor and report on human rights situation in its 2013 mandate. Ironically, Morocco had to race against time to avoid the passing of such a decision; the king summoned up some pro-Makhzen political party leaders for consultancy and immediately sent a palace delegation in shuttling trips to the major world capitals in an attempt to defend Morocco position, and to show indignation, it also called off joint military trainings with the US. Clearly enough, Morocco is trying by all means to hide, before the international community, its responsibility for the repression against the Saharawi people and wants to pursue impunit on its grave human rights abuses which have been reported by the major international human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNCHR , Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and Frontline for Human Rights Defenders.

However, it’s not the first time a Security Council member has attempted to include a human rights component in Minurso mission; Costra Rica in 2009  and South Africa in 2010 called to adopt a human rights monitoring but came to naught in front of Morocco’s ex-colonial master France opposition. But this time it came from the US, a historical ally to Morocco and a permanent Security Council member. To such a surprising decision, France found itself in an embarrassing situation, and after discussing it by the Group of Friends of Western Sahara (France, Russia, US, UK and Spain), it seemed that they decided that this issue should be worked out between Morocco and US in the hope to reach a compromise. The draft resolution the US presented later to the Group of Friends got amended but still includes language encouraging the parties to continue in their respective efforts to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights in Western Sahara and Tindouf refugee camps.

In light of this sudden US proposal change, different arguments speculated from ambassadors inside the UNSC and from Morocco press. In her response to Inner City Press’s question on the secret behind US sudden changing attitude, US ambassador to the UN Suzan Rice replied, “the story’s done, we have a resolution.”

A diplomat from the Security  Council commented “The Moroccans have been put on notice that there is heightened international scrutiny and attention being paid to Western Sahara” while the Polisario representative at UN pointed out that the “US position remains on the radar today and tomorrow and will never disappear in the Security Council follow up of the situation of human rights violated in a systematic and cruel way by Morocco” Many observers, as well, reckon that the US position was meant  as a warning to the flagrant human rights abuses in Morocco’s controlled Western Sahara zone.

The UN Security Council’s failure to add human rights monitoring to the mandate of its Western Sahara peacekeeping force – despite ongoing reports of abuses in the region – is a “missed opportunity”, Amnesty International said

Notwithstanding, The UN resolution 2099 that came stressing on the respect of human rights in occupied Western Sahara  and Tindouf camps brewed unprecedented demonstrations and protests in the streets of the occupied cities. On May 4th, simultaneous with a visit of a high press delegation from the United States and Britain to the capital Laayone, thousands of Saharawis took to the streets lifting SADR (Sahrawi Republic) flags together with those of US and UK as an expression of gratitude to their fervent support within the UNSC to the respect of human rights in occupied Western Sahara and chanting pro-independence slogans, calling for their inalienable right for self-determination. Being the biggest ever, the demonstration marked a watershed in the history of the people of occupied Western Sahara.

Fictitious scenarios made by Morocco special propaganda apparatus displaying photos of veiled people committing acts of vandalism, the momentum of its police brutality crackdown against the peaceful demonstrations has been extremely horrible. In the night of the same day, abductions, torture and incarcerations of the Saharawi activists and protestors spread at a never-before-seen pace marking the return of Morocco state to the “leaden years” when Saharawis were subject to forced disappearance into unknown destinies. In the very early morning of May 9th, starting from 5 o’clock am, and as Saharawis called via social media outlets for a peaceful demonstration simultaneous with a delegation representing “the German Association of Friends of the United Nations”, Morocco forces lead a campaign of mass house raiding  and abductions spreading an atmosphere of fear among the Saharawi population in an attempt to hamper them from their usual afternoon marches in Smara street nicknamed Tahrir street. The expulsion of a Norwegian group and most recently an Italian journalist is also another message of Morocco total refusal to open the occupied territories to foreign journalists sticking to its usual persistence in media blackout.

Within the same stream of events, the icon the Saharawi peaceful revolution Mrs.Aminatou Haidar, Ghandi of Sahara, warned in her interview with the Russian online paper (anbamoscow) that things might go violent in front of morocco craziness. The scale of concern at the escalation of repression against the Saharawis has also been expressed by Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, Amnesty international and even the “Moroccan Association of Human Rights.

On the other hand, Christopher Ross, the UN special envoy to Western Sahara, pointed out in his last tour to the region that Mali crisis in the region of the Sahel is making Western Sahara stalemate more and more a matter of urgent resolving.  To that end, Ban Ki Moon warned that the ongoing conflict in Mali, where France deployed troops and air power to oust Islamist rebels, threatens to spill over into the Western Sahara, whereby there is a possibility of infiltration by foreign militant groups in this region.

But Mali crisis can’t be respectively interconnected to Western Sahara given the fact that the two issues are totally different, Mali crisis is an issue of internal conflict and with  the proliferation of Gaddafi weaponry in the region , and a weak Bamako government, the Islamist fundamentalists  occupied big parts of Northern Mali, while Western Sahara remains an issue of decolonization and the Saharawi youth living in the refugee camps as shown by ground reports have had more than enough of the asphyxiating status quo and pushing hard for resuming the military struggle against Morocco occupation.

Yet, as said by Aminatou Haidar before the Pan African Parliament “Morocco commits all kinds of “violence and torture against Sahrawis in the silence of the international community” maintaining that Saharawis in the occupied territories “will not commit any violence and continue to rely on international law,” adding that the Saharawi people want “a clean fight like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.”

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Police House raiding continue in occupied Western Sahara

El Aaiun June 27th,

At around17.30 Heavy confrontations occured in TanTan street between young  Saharawis and police forces. This confrontation was caused by the occupation forces , led by the famous gangster “Moustache”, who raided the house of Ahl Lefdil in an attempt to arrest their son Hussein Aabdi. As the news quickly spread around, young Saharawis came in to rescue him. Scared, other reinforcement forces have been sent to back up the police masked gang and thus confrontations spread to other allies and streets around.

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May 27th, #UNGA Mouvement against racism urge to send a fact finding mission to Western Sahara

The Mouvement Against Racism and for friendship between peoples gave an oral statement yesterday on Western Sahara, denouncing the Moroccan rejection of the inclusion of a human rights components in the mandate of the Minurso.

MRAP considered that there is a serious setback in Human rights protection world wide, especially in non-self-governing territory, and thus Morocco has disqualified itself as a candidate to the Human Rights Council for 2014.

Please download to view it. PDF


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