• ALIYEN OULD MOHAMED SALEM, 25 years of age, is a resident of the Ausserd refugee camp (near Tindouf, Algeria), registered under I4109201 within the Spanish census and the MINURSO identification number 293151, who has been on hunger strike since September 15, at the registered office of the Moroccan National Human Rights Council in the Western Saharan capital of El Aaiún, without having received any medical assistance throughout that period. The youngster is suffering from asthma and the hunger strike has caused his breathing problems to spiral, thus causing a state of extreme weakness physically.


      On September 13, Moroccan police impeded Aliyen access to the MINURSO headquarters in El Aaiún, where the youngster wanted to contact with office staff in order to have them assist him in achieving his return to the Ausserd camp where he lives with his family, after spending some time visiting relatives in El Aaiún. On that very occasion he was evicted from the MINURSO headquarters, retained and ill-treated by the Moroccan secret service (DST) for more than 24 hours, with all his documents being confiscated.

      On September 15, a Moroccan local MINURSO official within the mission’s installations in El Aaiún attended Aliyen. After the youngster had explained the reasons for his visit, the official took him to the main entrance, to hand him over to agents of the Moroccan secret service (DTS) who violently introduced him into a black-coloured Toyota vehicle. He was then interrogated and warned to abstain from contacting the MINURSO, being abandoned in the street when night broke.

      On that very day, September 15, Aliyen Ould Mohamed Salem lodged a complaint with the court president of the Appeals Tribunal in El Aaiún. They accepted his application but refused to stamp a confirmation of receipt alleging this to be a matter of political significance. Aliyen therefore decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike demanding to get his documents back, in order to enable him to return to the refugee camps.

      On September 16, the local office of the Moroccan National Human Rights Council in El Aaiún refuses to provide Aliyen with any legal assistance to resolve this conflict and enable him to return to Ausserd. There, he remained on hunger strike in their local offices, getting physically weaker and weaker, without having received any medical assistance at any time.

      On October 10, a group of Moroccan police commanded by superintendent Tarchouni entered the Moroccan Human Rights Council premises and started insulting Aliyen announcing dreadful consequences to result in not leaving said premises by 9 o’clock in the evening. According to eyewitnesses, at 11 o’clock (El Aaiún local time) he was forcefully introduced in a black Toyota vehicle with civil number plates, where the already mentioned police superintendent Tarchouni was waiting. The family lacked information about Aliyen’s whereabouts until 9 o’clock in the evening the day after, when they were informed he had been transferred into incommunicado detention at the central police headquarters in Dakhla.

      In the afternoon of October 12, Moroccan police took young ALIYEN OULD MOHAMED using force to a 7 km strip of mine fields between occupied Western Sahara territory and Mauritania. There, in the Kandahar antipersonnel mine area, they abandoned him without his mobile phone and documents whatsoever, obliging him to spend the night at this inhospitable place without any assistance, after having felt already very weak, due to 29 days of hunger strike and the ill-treatment he had meanwhile suffered by Moroccan police aggression, with no means of transport available to reach the border with Mauritania.


      1 – We appeal to the Spanish medical community to provide for a doctor to see Aliyen with the utmost urgency, as his state of health deteriorates day by day and he runs the imminent risk of a perhaps irreversible coma, as his asthma is getting worse too, with breathing problems increasing day by day.

      2 – We appeal to the appropriate Spanish and European authorities to demand Moroccan authorities to comply with International Law and hand his documents back to ALIYEN OULD MOHAMED SALEM, and to guarantee his save return to the Ausserd refugee camp in Algeria, thus being able to reunite with his family.


      Resistencia Saharaui
      Sahara Acción Silla
      Associaçâo Amizade Portugal Sahara Occidental
      International Platform of Jurists for East Timor (IPJET)
      Organización Defensores Saharauis 2ª Generación
      Asamblea por el Sáhara Occidental de la Universidad de Alicante (ASOUA)

      CONTACT PERSON: Uxía Castro Díaz
      Phone: +34 626155518

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