Recommendations of Algiers conference on Western Sahara

Totalling 34 delegations from all five continents, on October 30th, 2011, those taking part in the 2nd International Conference in Algiers, on “All Peoples’ Right of Resistance and the Western Sahara Case”, after a long debate, agreed on the following points:

1) To reaffirm the Saharawi people’s legitimate right to fight for their national liberation and to face the Moroccan occupation peacefully. Participants congratulate and support Saharawis in their fight for liberty and dignity.

2) To demand that the United Nations immediately apply their resolutions on the Western Sahara by organizing a referendum on selfdetermination, already accepted by the parties concerned in the 1991 Peace Plan and supported by the Security Council, guaranteeing it and having created the MINURSO for this purpose.

3) To accuse Morocco for having repeatedly carried out human rights violations in the Western Sahara, launching appeals addressing the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, international NGOs and all Human Rights activists worldwide, to have the country guarantee respecting Human Rights and freeing all Saharawi political prisoneres rapidly and by all possible means at their disposal.

4) To have the international conference appeal to France and both her President and government to wisely position France, as being considered the birthplace of Human Rights, towards allowing a widening of the MINURSO mandate to include protecting these rights in the Western Sahara’s occupied territories.

5) To denounce the systematic sacking of the Western Sahara natural resources, flagrantly violating the stipulations of UN regulations which declare peoples sovereign to determine concerning their natural resources.

6) To ask the United Nations and all specialized UN agencies as well as the international community to supply the Saharawi refugees with sufficient humanitarian aid.

7) To condemn the terrorist attack that took place in the Saharawi refugee camps in the night of October 22nd and demand an immediate liberation of the hostages, at the same time expressing their solidarity with the Saharawi people in general and the refugees in particular.

Apart from thanking Algeria and her President for their continued support, based on historic principles and international law, and for successfully carrying out the conference and also congratulating the Algerian Committee for Solidarity with the Saharawi People (CNASPS) and the SADR Embassy in Algiers for efficiently organizing the work at this meeting. Members of parliament, diplomats, people in charge of international institutions, politicians, university representatives, jurists, intellectuals, professionals of the media, NGO and civil society participants, who took part in the conference, also extended thanks to all the staff and Algerian youth for their contribution, before putting the co-organizers in charge of contacting the world’s heads of state, international organizations and NGOs to do whatever is in their power to finish the Saharawi People’s Calvary and let them freely elect their destination.

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