March 1st,Hunger strike of Saharawi political prisonners of occupied Dakhla

Five Dakhla Saharawi political prisoners have begun a hunger strike today March st,2012 in the Black Prison in occupied city El Aauin Wester. Prisoners are Mahjob Ewlad Cheikh Hassana Alwali, Aaziz Beray, Achrif Anassiri and Attighou Beray. They are only asking for a fair trial or released unconditionally. The Moroccan authorities will not let them talk to their families by telephone, nor let them have visitors, or know what is happening out of jail


URGENTE: Huelga de Hambre presos políticos Dajla
Cinco presos politicos saharauis de Dakhla han empezado una huelga de hambre hoy en la Carcel Negra de El Aaiun ocupado. Los presos son Mahjob Ewlad Cheikh, Hassana Alwali, Aaziz Beray, Achrif Anassiri y Attighou Beray. Solamente estan pidiendo un juicio justo o la libertad sin condiciones. Las autoridades marroquies no les dejan hablar con sus familias por telefono; tampoco les dejan recibir visitas, ni saber lo que esta pasando fuera de la carcel


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