The harvest of the Sahrawi hunger strikers: Update of March 16th, 2012

News update
The sixteen day of the heroic hunger strike of the five Saharawi political prisonners of occupied Dakhla in the black prison in occupied Laayoun Western Sahara has resulted in the following:

→       The political prisonner and human rights activist Hasanna El Wali was taken to hospital after throwing up blood and  fainted out, he also suffers from severe short sight.
→         Mahjoub Oulad Cheikh: fequnt black outs and unability to talk.
→           Atiko Barray: severe pains in all parts of his body and throw up blood.
→          Cherif Ennasiri: sever headaches, stomachaches
→         Aziz Barray frequent vomitis and sever body pains.
These Saharawi political prisonners were encaserated after the bloody events that took place in occupied Dakhla after the barbaric attack of the Moroccan settlers backed by the Moroccan police in last september events of occupied Dakhla. Tens of houses that belong to Saharawis were set on fire, dozen injured and a young Saharawi was confirmed Dead “Machnan”. In response, the Saharawis had to fight back defending their homes and properties, but finally they got punished for defending themselves.


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