A strangling encirclement of a Saharawi unionist house in El Aauin Western Sahara

August 18th, 2012

Once again the Moroccan oppressive forces and various intelligence services encirle the house of the Saharawi unionist “Sid Ahmed Diya” in Tifalt alley near Skaikima street.
The Saharawi unionist was in Rabat in company of Gdeim izik coordinator members where they organised a sit-in in front of the Moroccan governement headquarters to denounce the descrimination and unjustice that various Saharawi social groups suffer from.
Also, They handed over a detailed report to several embassies in Rabat, including the embassies of the United States, Britain, Canada, Norway and Spain, in addition to the Office of the United Nations and the European Union. They delivered a copy of the report to the Moroccan Association for Human Rights and the President of the National Council for Human Rights and the Advisory Council for Human Rights. .

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