Western Sahara; Rap up of the second day of protests; November 2nd, 2012


For the second day, protests went on in different parts of El Aauin calling for the right of self-determination and chanting revolutionary slogans. In the evening of November 2nd, protests were held at “Skaikima” “Ras El Khaima” and “Tantan” street, and also in the districts of “Colomina” Ta’awon” “Lmatar” and “Diraidak”. Youth, children and women participated in these protests that lasted for a long time before the forces of occupation intervenened  brutally to disperse them. The following events were recorded:

Skaikima Street: Masked special forces intervened and raided some commercial shops, and some houses and also damaged and vandalised some cars exactly in front of the police post that is based at the same street.
Ras Alkhaima street: forces of “Lamkhazniya”(auxiliary forces) chased people and raided the house of an old woman.
TanTan street: The forces of occupation lead an offensive attack on people to the extent  of provocating a number of worshippers that were performing “Al’acha” prayer in the above mentioned street.
Al matar district :Special police forces  surrounded “Atta’awon” secondary school where they blocked the road and lead a compaign against the youth.
Colomina district: The auxiliary forces raided many houses and forcefully dispersed the protestors.
Dir Aidak district: A whole family was assaulted and the forces of occupation lead a large sweeping compaign

Victims of the second day most of whom were taken to the hospitals:
The Saharawi mother El Kaid Saleh Brahim Bairouk
Laili Saleh
Laili Said
Mohammed Cheikh Bailat
Fatimatou Many Sid Ahmed
Omar Chikhi
Swailma Lamwaddan
Abdel Motalib Sarir
Chikhi Khadijattou Khattari
The mother Fatimattou nicknamed Al Awda

The houses that were raided:
The house of:
Ahl Abaid
Swailam Sidi Lhaiba
Ahl Cheikh Wald Khattari
All these events occured when the UN secretary envoy Mr. Christopher Ross and his accompanying delegation just arrived on Friday evening  to occupied El Aauin coming from Liberated Tifariti


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