El Aauin Western Sahara: First list of victims so far

A first list of the victims who have been beaten by sticks, truncheons, stones and white weapons before awhile in El Aauin
Mohamed Talbi
Lahbib Salhi
Izzana Amaidan
Bamba Lafkir
Twailya lgasmi
Niha Laabaid
Salka Ndour
Aziza Biza
Ghlana Fadi
Fala Chtouki
Fatimatou Dahwar
Lakwara Aicha
Kraira Ida
Mannina Lamraimad
Sallam Noumriya
Mahmoudi Mohamed Salem
Omar Sarghini
Sallam Limam
Ahmed Hmaid
Abdallah Bouragaa

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