Morocco, Salé: Brual raid on Saharawi political prisonners cells



Committe of Gdeim izik families
Salé 1 prison staff brutal raid Saharawi political prionners cells
Tuesday, January 8th at 8 o’clock a.m:
After a few days from their trial date notification, a group of Salé 1 prison staff in military uniform brutally raided Gdeim izik political prisonners cells who were subject to strict unethical and accurate inspection (as they were fetched in some sensitive body points) and accompanied by reviling insults that lasted for hours, and at the end they messed up and destroyed the detainees belongings.
It should be noted that this provocative and illegal action, comes at a time when the Moroccan State still continue the detention and arrest of the Saharawi political detainees of “Gdeim izik” for over two and a half without bringing them to a trail that guarentees them conditions of fairness., but more than that, they continue to deprive them of their rights inside the prison and they are frequently subject to various types of ill-treatment, harassment and illegal inspections.

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