Testimony of an ex-abducted Saharawi girl in occupied western Sahara

Hayat Rgaibi Born on October 2nd, 199O


I was on my way to the resistant Maatala neighborhood in occupied El Aaiun when suddenly a police car came into my way. Inside the car, there was a huge number of plain clothes policemen who forced me into the car and blind folded me, and straight started beating me. The car took me outside the city, and in a barbaric way took me out, and then started interrogating me asking about some Saharawi human rights activists and also about some militants, but when I didn’t answer them they hit me on the head and other parts of my body, and when they failed in interrogating me through torture they started ripping my clothes until I became completely naked. Hysterically, they began kissing me in my mouth and taking photos via their mobile phones displaying their savage psychological sickness. That was an evidence of their complete devoid from any morality and human dignity. More than that, they did it while giggling and overwhelmed with a feeling of ecstasy. After that, they forced me to kiss their genitals shouting aloud that they would rape me if I kept on unless I told them what they wanted. I cried and cried begging them to stop mistreating me, but in vain: they rather began hitting me  with all their force till I fainted out, and when they woke me up they took a truncheon and began inserting it in my vagina(actually she said between my thighs) and later they inserted it forcefully into my behind while they were laughing and giggling. And whenever I fainted out, they woke me up by smacking me in the face, and once again redid their heinous immoral practices. I remained in that outrageous status for about four hours in which I wished they killed me rather so as to ease myself from the torture and pain they did to me. They were a mob of sick maniacs.

In the end, they threatened me and promised that my life would turn into hell if I exposed publically what they had done to me, and said that this time they would bury me alive if I talked to the human rights organizations, and then went on beating me again till I fainted out to find myself after awhile alone, almost naked and laying in a dark street.

When I presented my testimony to the world about the circumstances of my abduction, torture and rape, and exposed their barbaric nature, Moroccan agents showed up in the media smiling and assuming that their forces didn’t incarcerate me, and that I was lying. I still question myself, how on earth these Moroccan officials ever could sleep with a relaxed mind and they knew that they were lying before God, and how can they succeed to convince the Saharawis of their good will while they are torturing, raping and killing the Saharawis day and night. That’s obscenity


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3 Responses to Testimony of an ex-abducted Saharawi girl in occupied western Sahara

  1. alysamisalys says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this. You are so courageous by sharing this with the rest of the world. If things change it will be thanks to people like you who share their terrible experiences. I send you a huge hug and lots of strength. I truly admire your courage.

  2. josepmarialopezllavi says:

    És molt indignant que davant d’aquests fets, que s’afegeixen a les condemnes d`abans d’ahir a activistes saharàuis, el món miri cap a una altra banda. Que l’Estat espanyol, que va obrir la porta al Marroc a envair el Sahara, ara segueixi tan amic amb el règim genocida marroquí, que i respecta els drets dels pobles ni els de les persones.

  3. Angel Franco says:

    Please help … from this savajes, Morocans,

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