Chronicles of #westernsahara #PoliticalPrisoners trial in #morocco miltary court . Day4


within a catching development, it seems that orders from higher ranks have been given to the millitary judge to interrupt the Saharawi poltical detainees testimonies and order them to link their arguments to the content of the accusations against them. This morning, the hearings resumed with the terstimony of Babait Mohamed Khona, who began his speech by emphasising on his political positions as the sole reason for his detention. The judge intervened and interrupted him with an angry tone andd decided not to listen to his testimony moving to listening to the militant Abdalla Lakhfawni who came into the court room chanting political slogans in favour of self-determination and independence. This time, as well, the judge interrupted the detainee and adjourned the trial for two hours.
The defense board objected firmly on the judge interruptions of the detainees testimonies pointing out that they have the right to clarify in details the true reasons behind their incarceration.

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