Chronicles of Western Sahara Political Prisoners military trial in Morocco Day 5


February 12th, 2013

Hearings continue for the fifth day of the Saharawi political detainees of Gdeim izik group in Morocco city Rabat military court. In his touching testimony, Bachir Boutanguiza exposed with uncompromising evidences the crimes,  ill-treatement, torture and even rape committed by the Moroccan forces. Abdel Jalil Laaroussi, Ahmed Sbaai and Daich Daff continued on the same path of trialing the Moroccan occupation.
According to the international observers that Equipe Media interviewed, these detainees have left them with good impressions and they disclaimed their high political, judicial and intellectual quality describing them as the best embassadors and representatives of the Saharawi people cause. Mohamed Bani, Hussain Zaoui testimonies went on the same path of trialing instead the Moroccan occupation.

It is  important to note that the Saharawi detainees consent on the fact that this trial is purely political, and that it is for the Moroccan state a kind of reprisal vis a vis their independist positions from Westen Sahara cause denying all charges and pointing out that this trial forms a phase of the Saharawi struggle for independence.

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