May 27th, 2013 Smara: house raiding and abductions just like in hollywood movies


In the early morning of May 27th, a compaign of house raiding perpetuated by Masked forces took place in occupied Smara in Soukna, Salam, Aaidin and TanTan neghbourhoods resulted in:

The incarceration of: (Read them in French Alphabets)
Hammoun Hamdi

Ajouad Ayoub

Sidi Malah

Houses raided

May 27th

Ouald Lboujari

Ahl Hnan

Ahl Hammoun

Ahl Lbar

Ahl Farrahni

On May 25th

Salh Basir

Sid Ahmed Labsir

Mohammed Sallouki

Khalil Lamouahhad

AbdSalam El Boukhari

May 26th

Abdi Mbarek

On May 23rd, Mohamed Lamin Lkaihal incarcerated, tortured and thrown outside in Smara suburbs

On May 24th, the child Daff Daali 13years old got severly injured and taken to El Aaiun hospital

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