Report on Oct 10th events in occupied Laayoune Western Sahara

Photo: October 10th, 2013: The 14 years old kid, Husam Ajaf after being tortured (see video below)
Around 6 pm: Sahrawis lift up flags and march across various streets (Maatala neighbourhoos, Maghreb Arab street, Smara street, Daddach street, TanTan street)

Police attack the crowd, and stone people and houses ( ex:Ahl Akmach house) causing clashes against Sahrawis. List of victims:
Salhi Lahbib
Bamba Lafquir
Hammadi Lfoukhar
Sidi Mohamed Aayach Louali
Mohamed Lahbib Marzouk
Abdel Karim Mbairikat
Taqui Machdoufi
Ahmed Hmayad
Lakhfaouni Louali
Lambairikat Abdel Louadoud
Baousoula Mohamed Salem
Mohamed Boujlal
Ahmed Lahouaij
Hadhoum Lahmayad
Hadhoum Farik
Mahfouda Lafquir
Oum Saad Bouryal
Lakhlifa Lafquir

Later in the same evening, Police attacked a sit-in organised by highly-graded unemployed Sahrawis in Tantan Street: the beaten and injured are:
Mahmoud Khraibich
Hamdi Rahmouni
Mustapha Ballahi
Hdaya Dadda
Hassan Bari
Mohamed Lhassan El Barbouchi
Yarba Houda
Taleb Ahmed Zafati
Omar Ahl Yahia
Malainin Masek
Mohamed Baiba
Aziz Chammakh
Brahim Baya
Mustapha Taib
Mahmed Mouloud Daddah

See these videos;

Statement by some victims:

An Unemployed:

A child of 14 years old:

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