October 19th, A new bloody day in occupied Western Sahara


Bachri BenTaleb A victim of October 19th, 2013 Laayoune protests.


Laayoune city: In October 19th, 2013, Around 5 pm GMT: Pacific manifestations erupted in Maatala neighbourhood, Smara street, Skaikima street and in other different streets and districts but Morocco forces confronted it with a heavy crack down using trancheons, stones & other sharp tools.

1-Prelimanry victims:

Ghali Djimi
Brahim Dahan.
Salha Butenghiza
Fatma Dahwar
Hamudi Ellili.
Galia Djumani
Abdati Hamda.
Sukeina Baya.
Mahfuda Lefkir
Hasana Duihi.
Mariam Burhimi
Bechri Ben Taleb
Ali Saaduni
Emhamdi Deida.
Lehbib Babuzeid
Sidi Mohamed Dadach
Dafa Ahmed Babi
Mohamed Ali.

2-Houses raided:

The house of:
Ahmed Ould Aayad
Ahl Sid Brahim
Mohamed Fadel Lahbib
Mahmoud Lbambari
Ahl Lafjah
Mohamed Ould El Aatique
Ahl Abailil
In a phone call with El Mami Aamar Salem, member of CODESA, he said that the house of Ahl Massadi has been raided in a very barbaric way in spite of the presence of very old people in the mentioned house.

NB: Full report to be released later



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