Western Sahara: Morocco regime and the drug trafficking trade in the Sahel


Massive activity of smuggling takes place between Jbailat and Lfaida on the west side of the wall patrolled by Morocco military localised by its administration in Galtet Zammour military sector. This area has become a hotbed not only of drug traffickers but also camel herds’ thieves.


The drug traffickers intentionally steal the livestock that belong to the Sahrawi herders in an attempt to keep them away from the drug smuggling zone creating mounting indignation from the Saharawis who are often harassed by the Moroccan military as this area contains a considerable amount of grazing lands and vital hay for their herds.


Sources told “Equipe Media” that the smuggling take place at night in very exposed operations backed and supervised by the Moroccan intelligence service to fuel the already heightened tensions in the Sahel region. These operations have intensified during the big moves by the Moroccan regime in Mali where a new military attaché close to the Moroccan palace has been appointed with wide powers and fictional compensations weirdly approved by the Moroccan government.


Drug trafficking is considered the second major source of funding of the terrorist groups after hijacking the foreigners, and Morocco forms the biggest sponsor to these groups by organizing networks of drug traffickers as intermediates between its regime and the Islamic fanatic and terrorist groups.

After the partial siege imposed from the northern side of the kingdom, Morocco which is the biggest worldwide producer and exporter of cannabis “hashish” has shifted its drug trafficking operations down to the heart Africa and Asia via the Sahel pathway by the double usage of the Islamic fanatic groups.  This southern shift has become an economic catharsis to Morocco regime by exporting its third quality drug mixed with the first quality drug so as to be accessible to the African and Asian consumer adding to that its intelligence plans to destabilize the Sahel and North Africa region where the Polisario and Algeria remain its main targets.

Info Source: Equipe Media: Western Sahara


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