The Israelis want to imitate Morocco kingdom’s legacy


Hassan II is becoming a model in Israel. According to Haaretz, Israelis want to imitate the deceased tyrant by launching an ambitious propaganda campaign which consists of killing Palestinians then inviting the world’s journalists, paying for their entire trips in luxurious hotels to convince them that Israel, like Morocco is: “the most beautiful country in the world.”

Hassan II ensured that journalists from the international press, especially the French press (writer Gilles Perrault, author of the bestseller “Our friend the king,” has compiled a very comprehensive list of these journalists) ignored aspirations of Moroccans to a better life after enjoying a good chicken tagine, and a drunken night “decorated” with prostitutes or little boys.

Hassan II was a Machiavellan genius with a skill for manipulation. He managed to sell Moroccan Jews to the Jewish Agency in Israel for $50 “per head” (explained in detail in the very informative book by Agnes Bensimon: “Hassan II and the Jews”), and then making himself appear as the protector of those Jews, who have indeed come to adore him.

Hassan II, a model for the Israelis? This should not surprise anyone. This is the same man who fired canons and machine guns (from a helicopter) on his own people. That did not bother anybody abroad. So, why now would any one in the West be disturbed by this war of extermination being conducted by the Israelis in Gaza?”

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