In #COP22 Ban Ki Moon calls Morocco king to order 

 Finally Morocco king was “caught up” by UN General Secretariat after a long hide and seek game. Mohamed 6, who has always been advancing different alibis to avoid meeting the UN Secretary General or his personal envoy to Western Sahara Mr.Christopher Ross, found himself coerced and called to order to resume talks and negotiations on the future of occupied Western Sahara.
The meeting was held during UN COP22 on climate change currently taking place in Marrakech.

The official UN website has brought the news while it is a radio silence in Morocco main stream media. 

In this UN dispatch “The Secretary-General further underscored the importance of making progress in the Western Sahara negotiating process, as called for in the relevant Security Council resolutions.” 

After 16 years of war hostilities extending from 1975 to 1991, the UN brokered a ceasefire to later sponsor a UN peace keeping mission baptized “Minurso” to hold a referendum of self-determination for the people of Western Sahara that is under Morocco occupation. The referendum that is still on stand by because of Morocco intransigence, in defiance to UN Secretary Council relevant resolutions. 

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