#WesternSahara: Heavy handed police intervention at the eve of Democracy Now visit

 Amy Goodman with local human rights activist Lghalia Djimi
 Clashes erupted last night, Monday 21st, after a heavy handed police intervention against a peaceful protest held at Smara Street in occupied El Aaiún. 

The Saharawis launched a call to protest against ongoing Morocco occupation, the release of political prisoners and ongoing plunder of their natural resources from which they are deprived claiming they are enough to guarantee them decent employment. They set the time and place, which was yesterday 21st, and the crowd by then began to gather at 5 o’clock pm. 

Hastily, Morocco forces brutally dispersed the gathering and subsequently humpered its formation by blocking the near by allies and streets. A heavy handed police intervention took place; beatings, insults and hit-and-run.

Saharawi women were the ones who mostly got their share of beatings causing a bitter feeling among the youngsters who began defending them against police brutality.  

The police non-stop intervention led to serious clashes that lasted till a late hour of the same night. Many Saharawis were injured, some of whom were transported to the nearest hospitals while others had their homes violently raided.

To recall, this new police suppression of a non-violent protest coincides with the presence of the American NGO and media outlet “Democracy Now”. Earlier in the day and so as to create confusion to Democracy Now’s delegation on their fact-finding mission to occupied El Aaiún, Morocco authority has fabricated a counter protest; a mob of Moroccan settlers on Moroccan payroll were made to wear local Saharawi clothing, lifting Moroccan flags and chanting anti-independence slogans.

The Saharawi site based in occupied El Aaiún “Radio Maizirat” has published a list of injured, documented by photos and videos.

Click here to view the article on Radio Maizirat 

بالفيديو، مواجهة شرسة بين قوات الإحتلال وأبطال الإنتفاضة بالعيون، والشرطة ترتكب الإنتهاكات.

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