Spanish and Saharawis’ message on #HumanRightsDay in solidarity with #WesternSahara right of self-determination  

Spanish and Saharwi activists have launched a video (see below) demanding the end of Western Sahara’s occupation that has lasted more than four decades. They call Spanish state to assume its historical responsibility in this ongoing occupation and the tragic situation in which lingers the Saharawi people whose a portion of it lives in limbo in the refugee camps in south west of Algeria and the other portion living under an extreme police brutality in the occupied territories.

The occupation of Western Sahara dates back to 1975 when Morocco military troops invaded this territory After the withrawel of the Spanish colonial administration. A move that wasn’t recognized by the international community. The UN called for the decolonization of Western Sahara since 1963 that marked the date this territory had been registered in the UN resolution of decolonization 1514. After 16 years of war, the UN in 1991 brokered a cease fire and set its peace mission acronymed “MINURSO” tasked to hold a referendum of self-determination.  

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