Whistleblower Chris Coleman exposes a scandal at the European Union 

Twitter account of Chris Coleman 
The scope of Chris Coleman’s scandalous leaks widens. After having his twitter account suspended for several months, Chris Coleman, who triggered a large media debate and the ire of the Moroccan government, rebounds with a new account (chriscoleman243) disclosing, inter alia, numerous email exchanges of EU officials with their counterpart from the Moroccan diplomatic body. The documents and closed meetings’ outcomes that were supposed to be kept on internal level found their way out thanks to some of these EU officials. Even worse, the Moroccans were provided assistance, guidance and directives to better handle any supposed situation emanating from the EU closed meetings. The leaked documents are made public in “calameo” website, commented and then posted on twitter. 

Nevertheless, as the documents dates back to seven years ago, some of these EU officials no longer serve at the European Commission. Wolfram Vetter, current EU ambassador to Burundi, was Deputy Head of Division at the European Commission when he, apparently, was among the group of EU officials involved in submitting internal information to the Moroccan delegation. In an email sent to Omar Amghar, a high Moroccan official at the Moroccan foreign ministry, Wolfram Vetter forwarded him a document on the course of negotiations between the European Union and the African Union. Even worse and upon the Moroccan request, Wolfram provided him in at least one occasion with names and contact addresses of the African delegation tasked with negotiating with the European Union. Morocco, at the time, was not a member of the African Union and submitting such information to an outsider member of the African Union is definitely a flagrant breach of the European Union’s code of conduct. 

In a similar vein, other high EU officials as Bertrand Buchwalter, Diederik Paalman, Pawel Busiakiewics, Isabel Bela Ferreira and others were engaged in the illegal practice of handing over Morocco confidential documents intended for strict EU internal usage. 

But how these personalities were rewarded by Morocco?

In a letter sent to Omar Amghar, Dr. Martina Weber, head of section of the permanent representation of the federal republic of Germany to the European Union, wrote that she had a lot to communicate to him during her coming holidays in Morocco, the thing that suggests that the secret files were not only submitted through emails but also at the mutual meetings during their free stay in the Moroccan luxurious accommodations. 

Khalil Asmar


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