A leaked cable show Australia government not willing to stop phosphate imports from occupied #WesternSahara

 “Australia will not change its stance in dealing with the phosphate exports from our country despite the critics that the Australian government is facing up from some unions and organizations” this was the statement made by Paul Robillard, the general manager in charge of east and west of Asia and the Middle East in Australia foreign department to his counterpart Mohamed Malainin, the Moroccan ambassador to Australia. The statement was then reported by the Moroccan ambassador to his superior officials in Rabat after a working meeting with Paul Robillard at the Australian foreign department headquarters in Canberra. The document was labelled “secret” and sent on 30th of August, 2012.

The leaked cable was divulged by a mysterious twitter account bearing the name of Chris Coleman; the whistleblower who launched an avalanche of secret cables of Morocco foreign department and Morocco intelligence service. 

This authentic document clearly denotes the level of complicity of the Australian government with the Moroccan colonial project in occupied Western Sahara and the official involvement of Australia state in the systematic plundering and theft of the phosphate of this occupied territory.

For the record, to grab the phosphate and other resources of Western Sahara, Morocco monarchical regime in 1975, had to brutally occupy the Saharawi land, killing thousands of Saharawis and displacing other hundreds of thousands still languishing for more than 40 years in south west of neighboring Algeria. 

Australia is, thus, an accomplice in trading with the blood phosphate of Western Sahara. 

The Australian premeditated involvement in importing the blood phosphate of Western Sahara against the wishes and aspirations of its people tramples the international law, further cements Morocco’s colonial project by contributing in financing its ugly occupation and undermines the protracted UN peace process. 


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