Res Turner, the French Rap Star who campaigns for a free #WesternSahara 

Res Turner on stage lifting the Saharawi republic flag during the “End of the Weak” national Rap competition 
The french Rap Impro star Res Turner dedicates his award as the best Rap Impro singer of 2017 in France to the Saharawi refugees and to their just cause for freedom and independence. The award ceremomy of the final round of “The End of the Weak”, a national competition in rap improvising which engulfed the best french rappers specialised in improvising the song lyrics, was an occassion for the french rapper to express his unwavering support to the Saharawi people dedicating his award to the refugees of Western Sahara.
The french rap impro star who is also a two times world champion, showed up on stage lifting the Saharawi republic flag, and in his public speech he expressed his firm solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Saharawi people who still suffer from the ongoing Moroccan occupation that has lasted for more than 40 years. He, subsequently, made an appeal to the public for the solidaritywith the Saharawi cause.

In 2015, Res Turner won the world champion  of Rap Impro in Canada and on stage he showed up with the Saharawi flag and made the same call of solidarity.

It should be noted that Western Sahara has been under the Moroccan military occupation since 1975. A portion of the Saharawi people fled to neighbouring Algeria for a safe heaven and the remaining portion has been under one of the most  brutal forms of occupation in modern history despite more than hundrerds of UN resolutions, International and European Courts of Justice call to Morocco to end the occupation. 

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