(Video) Yeslem, the rapper from the 42 years long #WesternSahara refugee camps tells the story 

Yslem, the young Saharawi rapper, who was born in the Saharawi refugees camps, talks about his inspirations and motivations to write his lyrics and music for the Western Sahara’s cause. 
In 1975, the Saharawis took refuge in south west Algeria and set up four tent cities after having been chased out of their land by the extremly brutal invasion of Morocco military forces after the departure of Spain, the former colonial power. Morocco kingdom imposed a ruthless and unmerciful control of the territory where thousands of Saharawi civilians perished in prisons or in mass graves; a genocide where banned weapons of mass destruction were used in front of a silent world.
Yeslem describes the hardships and misery of an exiled nation that still lives in one of the most inhospitable places in the world, Lahmada desert area south west of neighbouring Algeria. He tries to raise awareness on this cause of global unjustice through his rap music that stems from the hardships of the refugee camps where he was born and brought up in. 

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