Paris: The Public Prosecution Office is opening an investigation into the Moroccan intelligence’s large scale spying on French journalists, activists and lawyers.

The French judiciary has received several complaints from press institutions, independent journalists, lawyers and French human rights activists who were victims of the high scale spying operation on their mobile phones, proving the Moroccan authorities’ involvement in it.

Immediately after the release of the investigation, which was prepared by several international media in partnership with Amnesty International, the French government condemned what it described as “extremely shocking facts” behind the Moroccan intelligence services, against about 30 journalists and officials in French media institutions.

“These facts are very shocking, and if proven true, they are very serious,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal told France Info radio.  He added that France is strongly committed to press freedom, so it is very dangerous to be subjected to manipulations and dirty methods aimed at undermining the freedom of journalists and their freedom to investigate and report.

For her part, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, after denouncing the incident of spying on the personal phones of people on the continent, stressed that this was unacceptable and must be investigated because it blatantly contradicts European Union law and freedom of the independent press, which are the most important principles of the Union  .

A report published by Amnesty International and international media revealed the use of the Pegasus program by the Moroccan intelligence services, which was developed by the Israeli company “NSI”, to spy on journalists, human rights activists, lawyers interested in the issue of Western Sahara and Sahrawi political figures, a record number that exceeds ten thousands of people, among whom 180 journalists, 600 politicians and 85 human rights activists and 65 businessmen and economist.

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