Freedom Support is a blog that aims to support the Saharawi people in their struggle for independence . This site has kicked off just after Dakhla incidents at the end of September 2011. After these horrible events in which the Moroccan state collaborated with its settlers, it has become crystal clear that the occupier has shifted to a new phase in its occupation; racial segregation. 

A dangerous step in the ongoing occupation of Morocco to Western Sahara introducing Aparteid abominable  practices.

Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco in 1975 after Spain’s withdrawel from the territory. A treat was signed in Madrid to divide the Saharawi land between morocco and Mauritania. The Saharawis had to fight to push back the invaders, and while Mauritania withdrew from its defacto northern portion of Western Sahara, Morocco once again pushed down south its troops, killing more Saharawis and confiscating more lands in favor of its colonial adventurous project. 

After 16 years of fierce battles in which the Saharawis showed unmatched bravery, the UN in 1991 brokered a ceasefire and introduced its peace keeping mission to hold a referendum of self-determination in line with UN resolutions. Up to date, the referendum hasn’t taken place and the Saharawi tragedy has only exacerbated and worsened; half of the Saharawi population live under a brutal and Apartheid-like occupation while the other part is stuck in limbo in the refugee camps south west of Algeria, the country that saved the Saharawis from morocco genocidal occupation. 

Western Sahara, or Africa last colony, is a territory still under occupation and the people of the territory are entitled to self-determination in accordance with resolution 1541 and the principles enshrined in the UN charter. 

Yet, for 41 years of war and peace, still the Saharawis are fighting to regain their independence and as a result they are subject to one of the most cruel forms of occuaption in modern history, and this blog is meant to expose the media black out by shedding light on brutalities and crimes committed on a daily basis against the Saharawis living in the occupied zones.

For more info on Western Sahara struggle, we suggest you view this link:




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