A leaked cable show Australia government not willing to stop phosphate imports from occupied #WesternSahara

 “Australia will not change its stance in dealing with the phosphate exports from our country despite the critics that the Australian government is facing up from some unions and organizations” this was the statement made by Paul Robillard, the general manager in charge of east and west of Asia and the Middle East in Australia foreign department to his counterpart Mohamed Malainin, the Moroccan ambassador to Australia. The statement was then reported by the Moroccan ambassador to his superior officials in Rabat after a working meeting with Paul Robillard at the Australian foreign department headquarters in Canberra. The document was labelled “secret” and sent on 30th of August, 2012.

The leaked cable was divulged by a mysterious twitter account bearing the name of Chris Coleman; the whistleblower who launched an avalanche of secret cables of Morocco foreign department and Morocco intelligence service. 

This authentic document clearly denotes the level of complicity of the Australian government with the Moroccan colonial project in occupied Western Sahara and the official involvement of Australia state in the systematic plundering and theft of the phosphate of this occupied territory.

For the record, to grab the phosphate and other resources of Western Sahara, Morocco monarchical regime in 1975, had to brutally occupy the Saharawi land, killing thousands of Saharawis and displacing other hundreds of thousands still languishing for more than 40 years in south west of neighboring Algeria. 

Australia is, thus, an accomplice in trading with the blood phosphate of Western Sahara. 

The Australian premeditated involvement in importing the blood phosphate of Western Sahara against the wishes and aspirations of its people tramples the international law, further cements Morocco’s colonial project by contributing in financing its ugly occupation and undermines the protracted UN peace process. 


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#SaharaOccidental: un autre traître sahraoui épinglé

Abdel Aziz Abba, Maire de la ville Boujdour au Sahara Occidental occupé 

Dans une vidéo qui fait le tour des réseaux sociaux, un militant sahraoui de la Diaspora ne cesse de provoquer des ondes de choc chez ses compatriotes, les traître sahraouis et dont l’un deux vient d’être visé par son collimateur. L’endroit est toujours une ville en Espagne, mais la place est cette fois-ci dans un super marché. Vu la vie aisée qu’ils mènent, les traités sahraouis semblent aimer se balader ailleurs en Europe, faire du shopping et dilapider les sommes faramineux que l’occupant marocain leur offre gracieusement en contre partie de leur collaboration avec l’administration coloniale. 

Il s’appelle Abdel Aziz Abba, bizarrement connu sous le nom de “Spécial”, il est depuis 1984 le Maire de la ville de Boujdour occupée au Sahara Occidental et un député du parlement marocain du fameux parti expansionniste de l’Istiqlal. 

Le jeune sahraoui, comme le démontre la vidéo, a intercepté ce traître pendant que ce dernier était entrains de faire son shopping “moi, je suis du Front Polisario” disait le jeune “je suis contre tous les traîtres et j’ai des questions qui me taraudent; pourquoi avez-vous trahi le peuple sahraoui dans son combat légitime contre l’occupation marocaine? Pourquoi avez-vous  trahi le sang des martyres?” Demanda-t-il 

Le Maire, qui ne sait plus à quel saint se vouer, n’avait rien à dire face à telles questions. Pris au vif, le traître s’est enfui faisant preuve de sa lâcheté devant la vérité.

Par ce deuxième geste, les sahraouis comme on a signalé dans un article précédent sur ce site, commencent à faire face à leurs traîtres en vu de les mettre dans leur vraie taille. 

Aux territoires occupés du Sahara Occidental, La confrontation entre les militants sahraouis et leurs compatriotes traîtres promet, donc, d’être titanesque dans les jours à venir. 


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Création d’un site dédié aux révélations du cyber-activiste Chris Coleman

Une page web a été créée récemment spécialement dédiée à la publication des documents confidentiels de la diplomatie marocaine révélés par le cyberactiviste Chris Coleman.
La page qui porte le nom de “Maroc Leaks, le site des révélations de Chris Coleman” semble bien alimentée. En deux jours, plusieurs documents ont déjà été pendus sur le site. Plusieurs rubriques apparaissent : Maroc-UE, Maroc-UA, Maroc-HCR, Maroc-CDH…
Pour rappel, le hacker Chris Coleman est apparu sur la scène médiatique en octobre 2014 après avoir piraté les ordinateurs du ministère des affaires étrangères du Maroc et ses services secrets.
Après une absence de presque deux ans, il est apparu de nouveau avec davantage de documents confidentiels marocains. Son nouveau compte Twitter a été suspendu, mais il poursuit ses déballages sur le site Calameo.

Cliquer ici pour ouvrir le site 



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Whistleblower Chris Coleman exposes a scandal at the European Union 

Twitter account of Chris Coleman 
The scope of Chris Coleman’s scandalous leaks widens. After having his twitter account suspended for several months, Chris Coleman, who triggered a large media debate and the ire of the Moroccan government, rebounds with a new account (chriscoleman243) disclosing, inter alia, numerous email exchanges of EU officials with their counterpart from the Moroccan diplomatic body. The documents and closed meetings’ outcomes that were supposed to be kept on internal level found their way out thanks to some of these EU officials. Even worse, the Moroccans were provided assistance, guidance and directives to better handle any supposed situation emanating from the EU closed meetings. The leaked documents are made public in “calameo” website, commented and then posted on twitter. 

Nevertheless, as the documents dates back to seven years ago, some of these EU officials no longer serve at the European Commission. Wolfram Vetter, current EU ambassador to Burundi, was Deputy Head of Division at the European Commission when he, apparently, was among the group of EU officials involved in submitting internal information to the Moroccan delegation. In an email sent to Omar Amghar, a high Moroccan official at the Moroccan foreign ministry, Wolfram Vetter forwarded him a document on the course of negotiations between the European Union and the African Union. Even worse and upon the Moroccan request, Wolfram provided him in at least one occasion with names and contact addresses of the African delegation tasked with negotiating with the European Union. Morocco, at the time, was not a member of the African Union and submitting such information to an outsider member of the African Union is definitely a flagrant breach of the European Union’s code of conduct. 

In a similar vein, other high EU officials as Bertrand Buchwalter, Diederik Paalman, Pawel Busiakiewics, Isabel Bela Ferreira and others were engaged in the illegal practice of handing over Morocco confidential documents intended for strict EU internal usage. 

But how these personalities were rewarded by Morocco?

In a letter sent to Omar Amghar, Dr. Martina Weber, head of section of the permanent representation of the federal republic of Germany to the European Union, wrote that she had a lot to communicate to him during her coming holidays in Morocco, the thing that suggests that the secret files were not only submitted through emails but also at the mutual meetings during their free stay in the Moroccan luxurious accommodations. 

Khalil Asmar


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“Tell them not to forget about me” A story from occupied Western Sahara 

Anas El Omari, an orphan boy living in occupied Western Sahara
He likes to play with colors and he always has had a dream to be a painter despite his younger age. He is only 11 but already a special bound has tied him up to the colors displayed in the Saharawi flag. Saharawi kids usually get amazed to see him every once and while using only the colors of the Saharawi flag even when drawing a different picture. One day a boy asked “why you are using only the colors of the Saharawi flag?” “It contains many colors and that tells something about me” The boy responded, adding “look, black is said to symbolize occupation, green is land, white is peace and red in the star and crescent represent spiritual salvation. This is what I was told from my adoptive mother and I have already endured so many hardships to understand all of it” 

The boy, a Moroccan orphan whose parents died, had lived for quite some time in a homeless status and at the kids house before a Saharawi family decided to adopt him. The Saharawi family saved him from the wraths of street life and took him where he belongs, school and family warmth.

But with his new family he learned also other things; he no longer sees the Moroccan flag lift up at kids’ house building or hung up at every street corner during his homeless times, rambling around the city streets and allies, begging every passerby. Now, living with his new family, he sees only the Saharawi flag hung up inside the house or during times when the family watches RASDTV; the Saharawi Republic TV streaming from the refugee camps.

“why is this flag different from the Moroccan one?” “Why up at the kids’ house or in the streets, it is only the Moroocan flag that we can see?” He once asked his adoptive mother who gazed at him for quite sometimes but skipped answering him. For her, the answer was much more bigger to grasp for his small brain. 

But the boy’s past life made him a little grown up than the rest of his peers. He knew that his mother had skipped answering him and he went on looking for the answer from other sources. 

At first, because he was Moroccan, the Saharawi kids avoided him but as time goes by, they discovered he was a much more lively and playful boy with a good football talent. Every Saharawi boy wanted him to be part of his team to easily win over the football matches they played at the neighborhood or else where. Astonishing enough, it took him only few months before he became a fluent speaker of the Saharawi dialect and in dint of his friendly character, the Saharawi kids even gave him a nickname, “Jlaibina”, the small cute and lively creature.

Apparently, the Moroccan boy managed to be part not only of his new Saharawi family but also the Saharawi kids’ community. 

Nevertheless, the Saharwi kids have had other unusual habits for him that would later be one of his dearest passions; drawing the Saharawi flag and sharing the dream of the other Saharawi kids; a free Western Sahara.

Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco in 1975 after the end of the Spanish colonial rule. The Saharawis were betrayed by Spain that had promised them a referendum of self determination before it sold them to the Moroccan monarchical regime. A war broke out pushing half of the population to live as refugees in neighboring Algeria and the other portion under the Moroccan brutal occupation. Despite the UN brokering attempt to hold a referendum, the peace plan, from 1991, is still locked in a stalemate and it is the Saharawi people who suffer the most; a portion endures the hardships of refuge and the other portion still lives under the brutality of the Moroccan occupation. Resolving the Western Sahara decolonization issue is one of the biggest failures of the United Nations.

But the Moroccan boy now feels he belongs rather to the Saharawi community. They offered him a caring family, a better education and nice friends. He felt he wanted to give them something back, and the best gift he thought of was to draw the Saharawi flag. In heroic attempts, the flags he drew were often lifted up by militants over the colonial administrations, the street electricity cables or during the protest parades of the Saharawis to denounce the ongoing Moroccan occupation. Sometimes, He himself carries one of the flags he makes and takes to the streets, chanting anti-occupation slogans and calling to free Western Sahara. 

The fame of this orphan Moroccan boy reached higher levels that the flags he made were on every occupied city and village. 

But the fame sometimes can be dangerous, and that was the case for he orphan boy. His fame went beyond the Saharawi circles to reach the police secret service’s circles putting his safety at stake. Last January 2017, as violent confrontations erupted between the Saharawi youngsters and the occupation forces, a group of plainclothes police abducted him while he was passing by the only school he has known so far. He was violently treated; shoved down to the ground, dragged and slapped hard on his small face and hit on many parts of his little body before they threw him inside the police van that had swerved from the other street with a deafening sound of wheel braking. 

The news of the orphans kidnapping went viral like fire and it took his Saharawi mother only few minutes before she knew about his incarceration. Hastily, she went to the police station to enquire about her boy. 

“Yes, we have that naughty boy” the official frowned at the quick presence of the mother at the police station

“I am his mother and you must release my boy now unconditionally. He is just a boy and you can’t send him to prison” she said, angry pointing at the police officer.

The Moroccan police who are used to treat the Saharawis with degrading despise ordered the grieved mother to leave the police station. To dismiss her, he had to give whatever promise to safeguard her boy’s safety. 

As every Saharawi, the Moroccan police are the last to believe in as years of long and tough occupation has taught them that sometimes only incessant fight for their rights is what can lead the occupational administration to back down and bow in front of a fervently determined people. 

The following morning, the mother was not alone in front of the police station, but in company of a group of protesters demanding the boy’s immediate release.

The boy had undergone a long and tiring police investigation and the decision from higher circles already was in the process of execution; he was accused of making Saharawi flags and as a result he would be deported to a reformatory institution somewhere in Morocco. 

It was a heartbreaking news to the mother who, within a heartless occupation, was left to her tears and sadness. 

Helpless, the mother had only one wish, to see him before deportation. In an unusual move, her wish was approved and the last meeting had to take place just before the boy was to be put inside the police car deporting him to a remote reformatory.

At his sight, the mother went straight to him, knelt down, giving him a long and warm hug and tears came down her cheeks. 

As the boy was mounting inside the police car, he looked at his mother and said “I am a Saharawi, please mom, tell them not to forget about me”

Khalil Asmar  

NB: this story is based on true events

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Le dispositif Makhzanien au Sahara Occidental incite aux affrontements sectaires entre les sahraouis

Moulay Hamdi Ould Rachid, maire de la municipalité de El Aaiun occupée 
Au cours de sa visite
aux Îles Canaries, un jeune sahraoui intercepte le Maire de la municipalité de El Aaiun occupée aux portes de l’aéroport de Las Palmas branlant le drapeau sahraoui et sondant des slogans pour la liberté du peuple sahraoui. 
Médusé, le Maire, un descendant d’une famille politique très fameuse par ses accointances avec les colonisateurs qui se sont succédés sur la terre du Sahara Occidental, s’est mis à insulter le jeune sahraoui qui l’avait décrit de traître. “Qui est tu bordel de merde?” S’interroge le maire face à ce jeune militant. 
La querelle s’est envenimée et va de mal en pie dans le stade du terrain sportif de la ville espagnole dans lequel se disputait un match de football entre l’équipe féminin de El Aaiun, dont le maire est le président honoraire, et l’équipe féminin des Îles Canaries. Accompagné d’une dizaine de militants aux Îles Canaries, des drapeaux sahraouis, le jeune et la foule se sont mis à scander des slogans contre le maire et tous les traitres sahraouis qui, selon eux, continuent de vendre la cause sahraouie à vil prix pour remplir leurs caisses au détriment de l’intérêt général du peuple sahraoui. “Tu as demandé qui j’étais, alors me voilà avec le drapeau et toute une foule de sahraouis. Je suis eux et nous sommes les sahraouis qui militent pour un Sahara Occidental libre” disait le jeune sahraoui “nous voilà donc, mais toi, qui est tu?” s’interroge cette fois-ci le jeune sahraoui et martela pointant le doigt “tu es un traître; t’as vendu ton âme au diable. Toi, tu ne représente que toi même et l’occupant marocain”
Le maire s’étonne et se désole réagissant en des termes acerbes à l’encontre de la foule sahraouie qui s’est rassemblée face à lui. Extrêmement agacé et humilié, le maire s’est retiré illico presto de la tribune du stade.
Mais à El Aaiun occupée, déjà les partisanes du maire se sont rassemblés pour dénoncer ce qu’ils considèrent une provocation contre leur symbole de la trahison. Pis encore, ils ont décidé de préparer un défilé une fois le maire met le pied à l’aéroport de El Aaiun occupée; un tendon sur lequel joue l’occupant marocain pour faire inciter aux affrontements entre les sahraouis, aspirant qu’ils se lancent dans les dédales de la provocation sectaire. 
Dans ce sens, selon des informations confidentielles recueillies par une source qui plaide l’anonymat, des hautes ordres ont été donnés aux autorités sécuritaires locales pour retirer toutes les forces policières et militaires qui jonchent les rues de la capitale sahraouie laissant le champ libre aux confrontations entre les sahraouis; les traîtres soutenus par les colons marocains contre les indépendantistes sahraouis. 
Face à cette énième manœuvre coloniale, des alertes ont été lancées sur les réseaux sociaux pour éviter un tel scénario.  

Pourtant c’est pas la première fois que les services de l’état du Makhzen tentent d’inciter une telle provocation sectaire. Ils ont même inciter des jeunes sahraouis à assassiner des traîtres sahraouis pour semer les germes d’une guerre sectaire et tribale entre les sahraouis. Le prisonnier politique sahraoui Mohamed Daihani en était un témoin. En 2010, les services secrets marocains lui ont proposé d’entamer des assassinats contre les traîtres sahraouis s’il voulait être relâcher. Le Maroc, ainsi, cherche a faire d’une pierre deux coups. D’une part, coller l’étiquette du terrorisme au Front Polisario et d’autre part déclencher les dissensions sectaires et tribales entre les sahraouis.
Il y’a lieu à rappeler dans ce sens que depuis son occupation du Sahara Occidental, le régime monarchique de Rabat applique une politique qui consiste à diviser pour régner; la politique habituelle des régime coloniaux. 
Conscient de telles manœuvres coloniales, le défilé des traîtres et colons marocains a traversé les rues de la capitale sahraouie sans que le moindre incident n’est parvenue. L’unité nationale est encré dans la sphère de la résistance sahraouie contre l’occupation marocaine, alors que le temps de la confrontation pacifique à l’encontre des traîtres sahraouis semble avoir commencé.  

Khalil Asmar

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#SaharaOccidental, El Guarguarat: l’armée de la RASD hisse le drapeau sahraoui sur la côte atlantique

Après avoir entamé des poses sur la côte atlantique, l’armée sahraouie vient de franchir une nouvelle étape qui va sans doute attirer les foudres de l’occupant marocain. Dans une vidéo postée sur les réseaux sociaux (voir ci-dessous), des membres de l’armée sahraouie en faction à la région de El Guarguarat ont hissé au cours de cette semaine le drapeau de la république sahraouie sur une falaise surplombant les eaux atlantiques. Ce geste symbolique vient pour montrer la domination de l’armée de la république sahraouie sur toute la région de El Guarguarat.
Ce fait inédit couronne une série de mesures prise par le leadership du Front Polisario depuis la flagrante violation marocaine de cessez le feu. Il y’a lieu à rappeler dans ce sens qu’au mois août dernier, le Maroc avait franchi la zone tampon de El Guarguarat pour faire une extension routière vers la douane mauritanienne moyennant des véhicules militaires blindées. Les forces militaires sahraouies se sont intervenues pour mettre fin à cette énième provocation enregistrée comme une violation de l’accord 1 du cessez le feu signée en 1991 entre les deux parties, le Maroc et le Front Polisario. 
Depuis lors, le Front Polisario ne cesse de créer l’événement par ses multiples gestes visant à démonter sa domination complète sur toute la zone de El Guargarat jusqu’à la côte atlantique. 
Au premier lieu, l’armée sahraouie a avorté l’initiative marocaine de s’accaparer de cette zone tampon, et depuis, des éléments de l’armée sahraouie patrouillent régulièrement à la côte Atlantique où le président de la république sahraouie s’y rendu lui-même. 
La position rigoureuse des dirigeants du Front Polisario envers cette manœuvre marocaine et signe d’un message limpide à l’occupant marocain et la communauté internationale; les sahraouis se tiennent prêts à reprendre les armes si aucune perspective politique leur assurant leur droit à l’indépendance ne pointe à l’horizon.
Pour rappel, selon un rapport onusien, c’est à peine 120m est la distance qui sépare les forces des deux belligérants. Ainsi, des observateurs estiment que la situation au Sahara Occidental est sur le pied d’une nouvelle guerre.
 Khalil Asmar

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